My hunny and kids

My hunny and kids
Father and children

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

About Us

Hello my name is Donna I have been married to Robert for almost 7 years and we have been together for 8 years. I have 2 kids from my previous marriage but Robert treats them like they are his own kids they never see there bio dad or hear from him. I recently took him to court and took his parental rights so he has no rights to them.

Stephanie is 11 she is really smart and she is a big help being the oldest of 6 kids. I see so much of myself in her. She has been slacking a little this year on her school work but I think she is keeping everything that has happened the last year all bottled up.

Then there is Lance he is 9 he is also smart but he has ADHD so it takes a lot to see how smart he is he just has to want to show his smartness but he is a great kid. But that doesnt stop him from working his butt off to earn his Honor Roll.

Me and Robert have 4 kids together there is:

Kylie she is 6 she is in 1st grade and doing wonderful. She also got Honor Roll the first semester all ready. She is friends with everyone in her class and it takes 5 minutes to get her away from school because she has to hug everyone lol.
Jasmine is 5 she is my little Princess she is also a little crazy LOL just like her mommy. She is in Kindergarden and she is doing pretty good. She is my shy kid and gets so nervous being away from me and her dadddy. She is slowly getting used to it all. 

Kaleb is 3 he is a little monkey my Father in Law calls him Smiley because he is always smiling he has had the hardest time in life at such a young age at 8 weeks old he has surgery on his stomach he had Pyloric Stenosis and then at 15 months old he got tubes in his ears. He is a big boy he weights 50lbs already.
Then there is the youngest of the bunch Britney she is 2 years old and she is my girly girl she likes to carry purses and she tries to wear my shoes she is my sweety. All of my kids are very special to me and would never do anything to change my life with my kids. Yes I do have my rough days but who doesnt even those who have 1 kid still struggles.

I will be posting a lot of blogs about my life as a stay at home mom of 6 kids.

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