My hunny and kids

My hunny and kids
Father and children

Friday, June 24, 2011

Daily life

Well not much has gone on recently. Ok well thats a lie a ton has been going on. First we are on summer break and we moved to California. Not sure how long we will be staying here the economy sucks so bad right now that there are no jobs so its been really hard trying to find a job. So we need work bad. Second my moms husband Mike passed away 6/2011 its been a hard time for her and Bruce and Matilida. Those kids have lost so many people in their lives.

But other then that we have been good. Me and Robert are so much stronger we have been working through all of our problems. I have started walking/jogging every night so I can get in shape. Its been over 1 year since I quit smoking so I need to get healthy so I can life a long happy life with my husband and my kids. The kids are getting so big I cant believe how fast they are growing its amazing. But I think this is all for today I will write again soon I promise.

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